Adamou Idrissa has been with Smith Transport since October 2008.

picture coming soonI am very happy to be with Smith. I have been a driver at Smith since 10/2008.  It is company “Dedicated to Excellence”, as the sign says to all on the back of the trucks.  I look forward to working and providing service to our customers with Smith Transport.  I am happy with the company, my driver manager and my co-workers.  I hope to drive for Smith Transport always.




Kenneth Earley has been with Smith Transport since September 2010.

picture coming soonLife here at Smith Transport is a treat.  You get nice equipment to drive and good miles.  There are some days that aren't that great and others that are out of this world.  Every company has its bad points no matter where you go.  I am glad to call this company home.

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Mike Bell

The winner of the 2013 "DRIVER OF THE YEAR" is Mike Bell. Mike has been with us since 10/24/01 and resides with his wife in VA. Mike was additionally inducted into the Golden Eagle Million Mile Club this year, and is one of top performing Driver Mentors. He has been instrumental in moving the Mentor program forward by assisting any and all new drivers that join Smith Transport. His 100% on time service performance, combined with his outstanding safety performance, clearly demonstrate that he is - Dedicated to Excellence!